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Yes, there have been many stories about this Great legend Buddha .The stories inspire us to an extent that there is a turning point in our lives; a remarkable turning point.

Buddha left behind many words of wisdom, valuable lessons which helps us in every part and parcel of our lives .Putting light on the darkest and unresolved mysteries. The main and fundamental aspect of teaching by Buddha was to have the truth of Self-Realization spread widely. The teachings of Buddha helped many lead a happier life.

There have been epiphanies after reading the teachings of Buddha. It focuses on leading a simpler life and with awareness of mind, the morals of life, self-love and respect, care and compassion. 

One such story helps us realize truth of life, moral and courage to stand up for what is right also to care for others.


STORY 1: The Wounded Swan

One day when Prince Siddhartha and his cousin Devadatta were walking in the woods, they saw a swan. Quickly, Devadatta drew his bow and shot the swan down. Siddhartha rushed to the wounded swan and pulled out the arrow. He held the bird in his arms and caressed it.

Devadatta angrily shouted at Prince Siddhartha, "Give me the swan. I shot it. It belongs to me!"

"I shall never give it to you, You will only kill it!" said the prince firmly. "Let's ask the ministers of the court and let them decide."

The ministers all had different views. Some said, "The swan should be given to Devadatta." Others said, "It should go to Prince Siddhartha." One wise minister stood up and said, "A life belongs to one who saves it, not to one who will destroy it. The swan goes to the prince." 
Prince Siddhartha took care of the swan until it could fly again. Then he turned it loose so it could live freely with its own kind.

Buddha has been the best preacher. He encouraged his followers to ask questions and to ponder upon the topics that helped them grow into a better human being.


STORY 2: Aniruddha and the Golden Rabbit

Once there was a poor farmer who offered his only bowl of rice to a holy man who was even poorer than he. This meant he would have nothing to eat that day. He went back to his work and forgot all about having given his rice away. Suddenly a rabbit hopped alongside the farmer and jumped on his back. The surprised farmer tried to brush it off. He tried to shake it off, he tried to knock it off, but the rabbit would not bulge.

He ran home to his wife, crying, "Get this rabbit off my back!" By this time the rabbit had turned into solid gold! The wife flipped the rabbit into the air. It hit the floor with a "Crackkk!" One of its golden legs broke off and another one magically grew in its place.

From that day on, whenever the farmer and his wife needed money, they would break off a piece of the golden rabbit. And from that life onward, Aniruddha was never poor. This was his reward for giving.


Guiding Buddha art tantra Painting

Guiding Buddha art tantra Painting


Green Buddha & Monks with Swans art tantra Painting

Green Buddha & Monks with Swans art tantra Painting





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