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Some days back…………………..I read a quote by Thomas Merton. It goes like this:

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time…” How well and appropriately said!!

I put it reframed as – “Art transforms us”


  • What Art means to every person ? Well, it is subjective. For one person it could be combination of several colours to the supreme scale, for some others is a custom of least tints.
  • Art is about expressing our soul through a medium…The medium could be of any form; music, writing, dance , paint or craft just to name a few.
  • Art speaks those unspoken words through some medium. Every art carries a message for the mass.
  • An Art is a beautiful blend of imagination and creativity…. It is a gigantic spheroid with synthesis of colors , props , ideas , concepts and innovations.
  • Human beings over the years have deciphered the ways of recreating art keeping in mind the original concept. Re-creation allows us to experiment with the original concept giving rise to fresh unique art.
  • With development and evolution we humans have come up with innovative ways to describe and create art in many forms
  • Painting is a form of art through which artists drizzle their heart on a canvas with wonderful stroke of brushes…Each stroke of the brush adds new meaning to the process of art making.
  • Expressing oneself through one or other form of art also calms the buzzing mind giving the brain a much required creative challenge. Art has changed the lives of many in the best ways…..It soothes and refreshes the tired soul and transforms us in to a new being…It widens our perspective and makes us ponder deeply on the existence and emotions of everyone around us……………………… It puts life in every piece of the universe. 
  • To sum it up, Art transforms our vision………….it transforms us and our our lives….!!


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