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Creativity Recreation

Creativity Recreation

It’s sunset time!! The twilight has spread across the sea. The light breeze is rejuvenating my tired eyes… I start drifting away from the thoughts of daily chores and scheduled meetings….

The sun is going down the horizon making me wonder on the creative nexus of nature. Every time I watch the sunset; the nature is spraying creativity all around in different colours and moods.. The experience with every sunset is different although the phenomena is the same. There’s so much to learn and gain from the creative streaks of nature.

Creativity to me is coming up with ideas and turning them into reality.. We humans have inborn creative facet in each one of us. It just needs to be tapped at the right time and the results are then mesmerizing……

The most difficult art is to be able to keep the creative spark burning inside us continuously. This is what we call “Creative Recreation”.  Experience and extensive reading on creative recreation has enlightened me with sure-shot ways of recreating creativity everytime it withers out. Few of these have been enlisted:

  • Self-belief - We hear people saying I don’t have knack for creativity or I don’t have creative bone. Though we deny it is within us, always. So the first step is all about believing in ourselves and accepting the fact that Creativity bone is within us.
  • Drawing Inspiration from Legends : There are many who have set examples for the ideas and making it big. We need not  copy them of course but we should get inspired by their work, study their work and also implement new ideas. There is no wrong to get ideas from their ideas.


  • Meditation : Yes, every one of us believes that Meditation is one difficult task unless we get accustomed to it. Once used to meditating, lanes of creativity are conscious and ideas keep on blooming. We become happier souls and better ideas pop up after ritual of Meditation. In meditation, one learns to channel the thought process effectively and efficiently.


  • Jotting the Ideas : Irrespective of the place or time, when an Idea makes way, we must make way for penning down the ideas. However silly it may seem at first, jotting down helps us move to the final piece from rough draft. This is one of the best habits folklore's bet by.


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