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Different postures of Lord Ganesha

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Ganesha or Ganesh or Ganesh ji or Shri Ganesh also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka,Gajanana and many more beautiful names. Ganesha is one of the best-known and most worshiped deities in India .As the god of beginnings, he is honored at the start of any new venture, occasion ,ceremony or function . His divine image in different postures is found throughout India. There is significance behind each posture of Ganesha.

Sharing here significance of few postures of Ganesha along with modern art canvas paintings image of each posture. This images are paintings created by professional artists.

  • Sitting Ganesha

Image of sitting Ganesha represents peace and will attract prosperity, good luck, wealth and success. It symbolizes leisure, comfort, abundance and success.  This is most commonly seen posture of Ganesha in most of the Indian homes.

Sitting Ganesha canvas painting

  • Standing Ganesha

The standing posture is a representation of toughness and the right approach .Image of Standing Ganesha is usually used at workplace. Standing Ganesha will bring lot of positive energy. Standing Ganesha brings power ,vitality and passion at work.

Standing Ganesha Canvas Painting
  • Dancing Ganesha
Dancing Ganesha also known as Nritya Ganpati is an extraordinary form of Ganesha. Meaning of Nritya Ganpati ‘Cheerful Dancer’. It is believed that Lord Ganesha used to entertain his parents by dancing. His movements show beauty and elegance. Lord Ganesha appears in the dancing posture on one leg. The posture shows him dancing under a Kalpavriksha Tree.Kalpavriksha Tree is known as wish fulfilling tree.
Nritya Ganpati is worshipped with love by devotees in the field of performing arts like music and dance etc.,
This is canvas painting of 'Nritya Ganpati' with leaves of Kalpavriksha tree above.
  • Svayambhu Ganesha
Svayambhu (स्वयम्भू) is a Sanskrit word that means "self-manifested", "self-existing", or "that is created by its own accord".
Often, the word svayambhu is used to describe a self manifested image of a deity.
It is believed that Image of Svayambhu Ganapati’s presence in house will get rid of poverty and removes obstacles and illness from home and office.
This image is modern art painting on canvas of Svayambhu Ganesha in tree trunk.

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