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Handmade art has its own charm whether it is sculptures or paintings. These unique pieces of art are created by artisans from different parts of the country. They are skilled individuals who enjoy making handmade art paintings which reflect their craftsmanship. If you are an art collector, you will identify with these designs and understand the positive energy these wares radiate. By purchasing handmade art, buyers give immense encouragement and support to the craftsperson.
We at Art Tantra are big lovers of handmade goods and have an entire section dedicated to this kind of art. Every piece is crafted by expert artisans and completed to perfection giving it a museum quality feel. One glimpse at our collection and you will understand the minute attention given to the detailing which makes our handmade art paintings so visually appealing. All the products are 100% handmade and not prints.
Gift our Buddha handmade sculptures to your friends or family and witness how it earns you loads of appreciation. These are made in different colour palettes by artisans giving you numerous options to choose from. Another lovely gifting option is POP art paintings which depict modern culture. Imagine a painting featuring Dubai’s famous attractions such as Burj Khalifa; it is a must-buy. Place these exquisite artworks on your coffee table or centre table in the living room to change the entire appearance of the space.