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A hot brewing cup of tea or coffee awakens our senses. But sipping these beverages from a beautiful mug will further enhance your mood. Mugs are deeper than other cups and hold more liquid as compared to a coffee cup. They are generally constructed from ceramic however other materials such as steel, bone china, plastic or glass can also be employed.
When it comes to functionality, mugs are used for various purposes in addition to drinking beverages. They can be used to keep pens, pencils, drink stirrers; many people even buy decorative mugs to place in their living room. While the base of majority of mugs is circular, the shape of the handle depends on the mug’s design. People prefer drinking hot beverages in these mugs since the wall are thick which keep the liquid warm for a longer duration in comparison to normal cups.
Over the last few years, photo mugs have become immensely popular among all age groups. Whether you are a college going student or a working professional, these mugs with unique prints made especially by art mug printing company appeal to everybody. At Art Tantra, we have an exciting collection of art prints on mugs crafted from ceramic. Each mug has an artistic and exquisite design which is rare to find in other mug printing shop. Moreover, since it is made from ceramic, it is sturdy and can be placed in the freezer as well as microwave.