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About Us

Art Tantra is one of the best upcoming online store dealing in Art ,crafts,gifts and decorative products.We believe that real joy is in creating things of beauty.The "ART TANTRA "brand means quality and excellence.Our success lies only in giving beautiful products to our customers.Each product type has got uniqueness of its own.Some of Art Tantra's highly appreciated and unique products are combination of different art forms.

Our Mission

At Art Tantra our sole objective is to spread joy through this wonderful medium of Art.This is our passion .We want to give people chance to experience and appreciate art by making it integral part of daily life.

Our Values


Since beginning Art Tantra's focus has been to make ART part of day to day use products .Our artists draw inspiration from many different sources including tradition,current trends,and the market we serve.We always keep on exploring new forms.We have collaboration with leading designers and artists which make our products very diverse.


ART TANTRA products are known for its quality,utility and creativity.Our products are well designed, developed combining contemporary and folk art and combination of different type of art forms.


Unique combination of technology and handmade art diffrentiate ART TANTRA products from machine made mass production.


Our creations are diverse, in continuous development and inspired from beautiful things of the world.We make sure that our products are unique and relevant to market we serve.